Brief Hiatus

I find that when I get the busiest is when I need to get out the most.  I have been pretty busy the since a move to Thurston County in March.  I went from 1/4 of a job to 1 1/2 jobs and now three.  What do I miss the most?

7th Ave SW, Westside Olympia, Thurston County, WA.

I think the thing I miss the most is being surrounded by the hush of the deep forest and the humid air that only comes with the fall, winter or spring showers.  Summer is here and the rain has stopped coming for the most part.  I am more of an animal person, so it surprises me a little that I miss the plants.

I have found a good amount of delight in growing some of my own food in the last two months.    It started with an idea about 10 years ago and has finally germinated.  It has really filled a niche– to be connecting with the plant world in a more meaningful way.

I only planted as many starts as I could fit in my bicycle trailer, but it has exploded to ridiculous proportions.  The cauliflower was the one that surprised me the most.  My 64 sqf raised beds were not enough to contain this behemouth of a plant- especially since I planted them next to brocolli.

Planting was an experiment as I had no idea what sizes they would grow to or how much light they would need.

Pests were another issue.  I had decided to grow organic.  I figured on the scale I would be easy. So far the weeds are very manageable. My primary pest has been aphids.  For some reason, they have really been enjoying my broccoli.  I picked two heads yesterday and was surprised to find one completely covered in all the nooks and crannies by aphids.  A jet sprayer was a quick solution.  The other head, that was only inches away, didn’t even have one.

Why the difference?  It was like night and day.  Did that one particular plant have some kind of resistance?  How did the aphids end up there in the first place?  How do they disperse?  Are there organic ways to keep the pests off?

I am sad to say that I will be leaving my fruits to my roommate.  I will be moving to Mount Vernon, WA and the Skagit Valley for a new job.  Stay tuned for more notes!


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