Community Workshops

DSC02221People, Nature and Place:  Come join Brian and other community adults in learning more about the unique nature of our backyard.  During an evening orientation we will determine three field trips for us to take over the course of subsequent weekends.  All trips will be up to four hours and DSC02219will be geared toward participants’ interests and abilities. We will travel up to 2-3 miles on foot over moderate terrain.  Activities will include honing observation techniques, getting to know the tools and approaches of a field naturalist and how to discover a heightened “sense of place”.  Let’s get outside!

Look for upcoming sessions in 2011!

Winter Tracking and Snowshoeing: a workshop for beginning trackers and showshoers.

Indulge your wild side and have some winter adventure!

Bring your own snowshoes and join naturalist/educator Brian Larsen Stafki for a fun day-trip to Mount Ranier National Park. $15/Adults, $5/children over 8 years old (one adult/two kids please). We will learn the basics of snowshoeing, play some fun games and activities, get off the beaten path and search for signs of animals.

Preregistration required.  Next workshop is TBD.

Nature Mentoring: Does your child or adult exhibit the “naturalist” learning style- learns best when collecting or analyzing things close to nature?  Brian is available for one-on-one sessions for up to 2 hrs.  Also available for private-group sessions (birthdays, events, etc.).  Rates depending upon situation.  Birds, bats, bugs, fish,  trees, mammals, reptiles, oceans, tidepools, rivers, lakes, mountains, deserts, tracking, sketching, nature journaling, poetry, creative writing, rocks, nature games, storytelling, nature crafts, natural science projects, data analysis, water chemistry, science projects.

Contact:  Inquires are welcome to b.larsenstafki at gmail dot com.  Call Brian at (360) 441-2973


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